Who we are?

  • Consolidation and Distribution Network is professional freight network established to service the freight forwarders whom searching for professional partner.
  • After more than six years serving all kind of freight forwarders and logistics companies all around the world CDN found that the future for the professionals and specialized only so we lunched for you CDN.
  • All partners in consolidation and distribution directory have a proven track record in commercial, military and/or government project-related activity and demonstrate a complete commitment to providing clients and fellow partners with an excellence of service in order to meet critical deadlines.
  • Each member brings their individual methodology to all aspects of project work, Consolidation and Distribution Cargo Network CDN are able to provide a full range of services including.

CDN Goals

CDN looking for educational ,professional specialized industry with trust and win-win business situation.

CDN planning to serve all the forwarders and logistics companies in the world to reach their goals with all the experiences and facilities and power that CDN has and complete the big family of MFN as we started 2012.

CDN Mission

All for one and one for all (WE-ME)

Gathering all the freight forwarders has enough experiences in the Consolidation and Distribution Cargo business to work together as good partners not only agents.

CDN Vision

To serve other we have to serve us first and teach us how to serve others as one family working in high level of professionalism and specialize as we are different and important in commercial life.

As we move towards our goal of being a world-class network organisation, we will support our members on a global scale. Locally, our members will get the best service and competitive rates through fellow agents.

Overseas Project Cargo Association will inspire its members to be the best they can be. We will engage in sustainable practices and foresee the needs of our members. We will maximize their benefits, while still maintaining the quality of our services.

Our vision is to bring members the golden age of project cargo freight forwarders and logistics companies. Working with an experienced headquarter will allow members to proceed at their own rate, according to their ability.


All Consolidation and Distribution Network members have special relationships within the transport industry ensuring a reliable and trouble free service guaranteeing time-definite procedures. In most countries our partners arrange priority freight and document cut-off times with the carriers and are able to provide extended booking windows with a solid carrier-recovery commitment.

With a membership base formed by local leaders, we are constantly improving the competitiveness of our network through engaging dialogues on industry challenges, innovations and solutions.
Member Qualification:
  • All forwarders in CDN network are required to meet the group exacting standards of experience, professionalism and financial strength.
  • No forwarder can become a CDN network member without satisfying the strict criteria for experience, quality of service and reliability. Membership is constantly monitored to ensure these standards are maintained, assuring clients the highest levels of service, capability and security every time.
Qualification and Criteria Checking:
  • The applicant must be able to show its company has been handling major projects for a reasonable time period. All applicants must have a dedicated team handling projects and must be able to demonstrate its quality, experience and financial strength.
  • All new members must be local or regional companies with good reputations in their industry specific operations including operations, finance, communications and other professional factors which must be verified through three project-related trade references from their current customers / partners of abilities and satisfaction.
  • Applicants ‘websites must mention project/heavy lift services.
  • Members are expected to actively participate with other network members and attend CDN network conferences a minimum of every 2 years. Inactive companies ‘CDN network memberships may be not be renewed, at the discretion of CDN network management, especially in fully subscribed/major markets.
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